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Cole Hardware

Desktop redesign 


Redesign their current website.                                 


User Problem

Users are not able to make purchases online.  



Add a checkout process and update their online inventory.

 Project Role

I worked individually as a UX researcher and designer



2 Weeks


Contextual Inquiry

Visited 2 of their San Francisco locations

There is a lot of staff available to help customers

Users were greeted right away and usually asked for directions

They carry local products and brands 

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Competitive Research

Competitive analysis of 3 other hardware stores in San Francisco

ace hardware.jpg
great wall hardware.jpg

1 out of 3     Offered a way to text or chat with a live person

2 out of 3     Offered a different way to pay beside cash or card

3 out of 3     Offered a pick up in store option 


User Research

5 in person interviews
7 Online surveyed
From facebook and craigslist

“I like supporting local busness & I’m more likely to get personal help when I need it.” - Lynsey 29
“I like having help available for when I need it, especially during a project” - Joseph 34
“Reviews from other people are really helpful, I wouldn’t buy anything Online without checking them ” - Tim 49 
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IMG_6022 3.JPG

Card Sort & Informational Architecture

The original informational architecture was confusing and made it difficult to navigate around the site to find specific products.

Card sorted with 5 users and 30 items

-Users first started separating indoor and outdoor
-Second by its function: decoration, tool, storage...
-third if the item needed electric power to use
-then the categories got smaller and more specific


Information arch.jpg

Affinity Map


Users shopped at Coles Hardware because they wanted to support local business.

Users were short on time and needed to have the convince of ordering Online

Users had lots of question before buying their product and wanted to read reviews and talk to someone if they had more questions.

Users wanted to be rewarded for their loyalty


Paper Prototype







Cole Hardware is a great neighbor store that has a group of dedicate shower based on its great customer service and familiar friendly faces the challenge was matching this on their website.

In order for customers to feel appreciated they wanted a loyal program that would have perks and benefits for them shopping at Coles. Seeing reviews about a product is important to users, they want the reassurance that they are buying the best product that meets their needs.  


In the future I would like to test the checkout process and the Coles loyalty program.