'Venmo me' to make a difference


The challenge:
Expand Venmo’s services to allow users to donate money to non-profit organizations they care about.

Role & duration:
UX Designer on a team of three

2 week sprint

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The problem:
Users who donate to non-profits want a more transparent way to know that their money is being used effectively by the organization. Because the lack of trust in the non-profits, users don’t donate as much as they would like to. 

Our soultion:
We designed a MVP for Venmo that will gain the trust of donors by providing a transparent way to view the goals and values of the non-profits. This will strengthen the brand recognition and increase their user base as users share that they donated to their friends. 



We looked at Venmo:

off research we were able to created a business model for Venmo to understand how they intend to make money. 

We looked at the market:

Did a competitive research to understand the strength and weakness of relative companies 

then looked at donation trends :

did researched on donation trends to understand the value of adding a donation feature to the app. 



From the interviews we used an affinity map to sort out the findings and spot out key trends


then we had to affinity Map .... Again


Through the research we discovered there are two main personas we are solving for: 

The informed donor

The social donor

  • spends a lot of time researching non-profits

  • has strict exppections of the non-profits 

  • wants to know her donation will make a difference 

  • Motivated by people and relationships

  • Trusts his friends opinions

  • Comfortable with sharing on social media to spread awareness for the cause

blending business needs & users needs

venmo and users.jpg





Paper Prototype

6 Users


  • search was difficult to navigate and separate from friends 

  • was not clear that they donated 

  • didnt feel like they helped and didnt get the "good feeling" reward after donating 


Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

6 users

  • the raining coin animation had a vegas like feel and didn't feel like a donation.

  • two feeds were add to the charity page that would list in real time who had donated. 


High fidelity & MVP in action

User wanted to feel like they made a donation and wanted the affermation that they did something nice. 

Reward w/
interactive design

User trust their friends judgement and wanted to see where the money would go to. 


Transparency in your donation

Users are able to share the nonprofit Venmo page and share that you have made a donation.


Making donating Social




In the future I would  spend more time creating the discussion guide. The first time around the questions were focus too much about Venmo and not enough about why users donated. It wasnt till the secound set of interviews, that we were able to really understand the users and come up with a great MVP. Investing a little more time in the beginning will pay off in the end. 


From paper to high fidelity on one of the key screens